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Safe bets on cs go can be performed for real money, which is not the case for skins betting yet. This also includes betting on Dota 2, since the creator of these games, Valve, is to blame.

The global manufacturer has been struggling with this type of betting for a long time, but so far it has shown moderate positions in relation to the extermination of small and large bookmakers. At the moment, several large sites have already ceased to exist. But we can confidently consider that such a phenomenon is temporary, since csgo betting skins will not cease to exist as long as at least one service is running.

Even the already blocked resources continue to be active, because there are various mirrors and other workarounds. Large bookmakers are also looking at this type of bets. These include GGBet as well as LootBet. The latter office is already actively using betting on skins. More info spin city